All-In FBC

Funding Ministries, Maintenance, and Repairs
Thank You for Giving

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PRAISE THE LORD!! Thanks to the sacrificial giving of the believers of First Baptist Church, we have reached our ‘All In FBC’ goal to raise additional funds for ministry and church needs!  We praise God for providing you, for you, and through you all! We’re looking forward to what God has ahead for us as we work together for His glory!”

Funding Ministries, Maintenance, and Repairs

Our church is called to draw people to Christ and see lives changed by His Power, and this requires spiritual people funding these spiritual pursuits. Our church budgeted conservatively after Co-vid, but we’re asking God to do much more as we, His people, go all-in for His purposes. We’re looking to raise $25,000 above our conservative budget to supply the needs of our church. God’s work through our church is built on top of furnaces that need replacing, parking lots in need of repair, and ministries that cost money. This is the material foundation from which the time and talent of God’s people overflow to God’s glory. Let’s go all in to raise $25K for God’s purposes and see our faithful God change our world through our sacrificial offerings.