Pastor Kevin Rutledge, Pastor Nate Miller Questions:
  • What if I know that my heart believes in Jesus, that I have asked Him into my heart, and I know that He loves me and sides for me, but I am still scared to die, scared that I might not make it to heaven because of my own underserving.
  • Say you have a friend who grew up in the church, but strayed away during his early adult years. This person now has many, many non-believers as friends, but wants to get back to his walk with Jesus. What are some pointers I could offer this friend to start having more Christ focused conversations?
  • The Scripture tells us to “fear” God…why if God is a God of love, would we fear Him? Is it different for a believer and a nonbeliever?
  • Why does the Church elevate Marriage above singleness?
  • The Bible – What is the difference between a translation and a paraphrase. Does the leadership have a preferred translation?
  • Can other Abrahmic faith get to heaven? Catholics,Mormons, Islam?
Kevin Rutledge
Kevin Rutledge

Pastor Kevin Rutledge is the Lead Teaching Pastor at First. He has a Bachelor’s in Biblical Studies, an MA in Theology, and over twenty years of ministry experience.