Pastor Kevin Rutledge and Pastor Nate Miller


  • It seems as though most if not all rationales for God’s existence are based upon a faith in something that is unprovable. How are non-believers supposed to logically begin following Jesus based on an argument that largely consists of simply putting “trust” in something that they feel no connection towards?
  • Explain the Trinity & Modalism?
  • Spiritual growth… What it looks like in a person’s life (my life)?
  • As schools are starting to recognize and accept new gender identity for students, how as a believer do I navigate this? Especially as a teacher, how should I go through these new rules/procedures, yet still hold to the truth?
Kevin Rutledge
Kevin Rutledge

Pastor Kevin Rutledge is the Lead Teaching Pastor at First. He has a Bachelor’s in Biblical Studies, an MA in Theology, and over twenty years of ministry experience.