Christ Centered Community







We pursue deeper relationships with one another, so we can go deeper in relationship with God. We can do more and go deeper together!

We can pursue relationships in the church in many ways. For instance, come early and stay late on Sundays, simply to get to know people better and share life together.

The best way to connect more deeply in Christ centered community is by getting into a small group. We have tons of groups to choose from!

Why small groups?

  • Dig deeper into God’s Word together. Ask questions, share thoughts, deepen your understanding.
  • Apply the truth of the Bible together to one another’s unique life journey. See the Bible fill one another with life!
  • Sometimes close relationships are easy and full of nothing but joy, but sometimes they get messy. We are sinners, after all! This is part of God’s plan to help us to learn self-less love as we stay committed to one another in love.

This is one way we live out our Relational Biblical Values:

We will love people as Christ loved us, to death and back again. God First + Others First + me last = My Highest Life.

Jesus never holds us at arm’s length, so we will always pull people close and fight for the joy of everyone we meet.

Jesus adopted us as sons and welcomes us as family, so we are warm and lovingly welcome people as if they were family.



Most gather groups meet weekly in the home of a group member. Our prayer is that people will get to know one another well while growing closer to God.


The opportunities provided within a Grow Group maybe short-term or long-term. They are designed for you to dig deep in the rich soil of faith to grow toward life change, knowledge of the faith and skills for service.


Go Groups are structured to serve! These are groups of people at First who have chosen various ways to serve our church and our world through loving ministry. From poverty relief to coffee shop evangelism, there are so many ways to serve together!