Question: If a tree falls in the forest, and there’s no one around to hear it, does it make a sound?

Many people believe that they are not being heard, nor do they think others value their life of faith. So why, bother? The truth is our witness, transmitted via the Holy Spirit, means God makes sure people take note of it.

Isaiah 55:11 – God said His word shall not return to Him void.

As God has told us in scripture, things that we do and say will not come back void. The Holy Spirit always needs to be your guide as you journey in this life.

My neighbor always shovels at 6am on snowy Sundays because he knows we go to church, and that was before I became a pastor. We offered to perform a wedding for him and his fiance in our backyard/their backyard, and even cater it for them for free. He has not taken me up on that yet.

A lady from our church, puts a sign up on her desk that she prays on her lunch hour, and if anyone needs prayer, she will pray for them. That is her testimony, and of course, her integrity at the workplace.

Daniel’s life of integrity and godliness was noted throughout the kingdom, even when he was challenged to compromise his faith. The King signed a foolish law that put Daniel in the lion’s den. God delivered him by shutting the mouth of the lions.

In v. 16 the King notes, “Your God whom you continually serve will Himself deliver you.”

People really take notice when we are in tribulation. They watch to see if our faith is still active and enduring.

If you live with a committed life to Christ, both privately or publicly, your character will be transparent, and your godly living will be evident to the unbelieving world, making them long to know God.

Answer: Yes, the fallen tree does make sound.

God honors His faithful servants.

Bill Badal

Bill Badal

Bill Badal is Pastor Emeritus at First Baptist. He was born and raised in Baghdad, Iraq, and moved to the United States as a teenager.