The whole world is competing for your attention, virtually and in person, and the world’s ways are not God’s ways.

Colossians 3:5-10 says

v. 5 – Put to death earthly thinking

v. 6 – God is bringing Wrath to the sons of disobedience

v. 7 – Remember we use to walk like that

v. 8 – We are to put off these practices

v. 10 – We have put on a new man, in His image

There is a cartoon video series called Veggie Tales. It teaches Bible principles to children, and our teenagers would sneak into the nursery to watch them on youth group nights. Those principles are still true – put off anger, lying, wrath, malice, blasphemy and filthy language out of our mouths. Philippians 4:8 talks about “whatever is: ” True, Noble, Just, Pure, Lovely, Good Report, Virtues, Praiseworthy … THINK ON THESE THINGS. 

Many leaders, whether in politics, business, or ministry, have failed using worldly methods. 

Let us show the world that we live by a new and different standard. 

Bill Badal

Bill Badal

Bill Badal is Pastor Emeritus at First Baptist. He was born and raised in Baghdad, Iraq, and moved to the United States as a teenager.