Pastor Kevin Rutledge, Pastor Nate, Evan Rhule, Caleb Hoover (staff member of Cru, Northern Illinois University) Questions:
  • Isn’t believing in something supernatural just the easiest way to deal with life’s toughest challenges/questions (i.e. “I’m putting all of my faith in God so I know that everything is now in his hands.”) How do those struggling with doubt when it comes to Christianity know that they’re not just convincing themselves of something in an attempt to find peace of mind/meaning in life? [… How do I know God exists?]
  • Why do I know some Christians that are ignorant of science and global warming?
  • Why doesn’t God do something about all the pain in the world? If he’s such a loving God why does He allow children to be murdered kidnapped, abused, etc. I know all the answers; because He is God and He knows more than we do. Because it’s a sinful world and always will be until He returns. Because He also sent His own son to die on the cross for us. But that doesn’t seem to answer the question for the general public.
  • If there’s only one God, why are there so many religions, doctrine, and theology? Can’t they all agree?
  • Does God still speak today? Give ways & how they apply.
Kevin Rutledge
Kevin Rutledge

Pastor Kevin Rutledge is the Lead Teaching Pastor at First. He has a Bachelor’s in Biblical Studies, an MA in Theology, and over twenty years of ministry experience.