This is your story. Telling your story about how Christ has changed your life is a powerful and personal way to worship God and share the Good News that Christ died to bring us into a close loving relationship with God. This relationship guarantees our place in heaven, guarantees that God will never again treat us with anger or condemnation, and, importantly, this Christ-bought relationship with God guarantees that your life will be changed. That change occurs in obvious outward ways as well as in less-obvious, but heart-deep ways. Whether you were raised in the church or lived a very ‘un-churchy’ life before coming to Christ, everyone has an important story to tell. God has paid for your story with the blood of Christ, the Son. Let’s tell our stories, give glory to God, and pray that many will turn and follow Christ by faith, experiencing the same beautiful transformation and benefits that our stories demonstrate. Both in this life and forever more, we will be changed. The world needs to hear our stories. Let’s tell them.

 The Best Elements to Build a Powerful Telling of Your Story

As we attempt to tell our story for the most impact, we need to remember the elements that make the story the most focused and powerful.

1.  THE MAIN POINT: Christ changed me, He can change you, too! We need to remember that we have a limited time and we don’t want to lose the main point for which we’re telling our stories. Keep the main thing the main thing!

2. ELEMENT 1: B.C. (Before Christ) Tell about what your life was like before coming to Christ. It’s best to focus on those things in your life that would one day be changed or are currently being changed because of your relationship with Christ. For example: “I was depressed”… and then LATER tell how Christ is giving you hope and joy, or “I was addicted to….” …and then LATER tell how Christ has/continues to free you from that addiction, or “I felt life had no purpose and I was without direction” and then tell LATER about how Christ gave you purpose and direction. Perhaps an example could be, “My marriage was struggling, but then LATER tell how Christ has worked in your marriage.”

3. ELEMENT 2: MEETING CHRIST Tell the story about how you heard the Gospel of Christ, and what it looked like for you to make the life-changing decision to pur your faith in Him. This is a great place to share a BIBLE VERSE or two about our sin and Christ’s saving sacrifice and forgiveness!

4. ELEMENT 3: A.D. (After Christ) This is where you tell to how Christ changed you, and continues to change you.  This portion is the “LATER” that we spoke of in the “B.C.” portion of your story. Previously, you told in your story about how you had a problem, and here you tell about how Christ is the answer. Make this portion positive and hopeful. You can certainly admit how you still struggle. Be honest, because no Christian is perfect, but focus on how Christ gives us change and hope for even more change.

5. ELEMENT 4: THE CALL This is where you finish your story and tell your hearer(s) that you hope they will also put their faith in Christ like you have. Perhaps even ask, implore, or persuade them to do so!


Remember to share the Gospel, especially in the “Meeting Christ” portion of your story. It’s as simple as: We’re all sinners justly condemned by a perfect holy God, but in His great love God sent His son Jesus to sacrifice Himself to receive our punishment in our place. Now, if we trust Christ, we can know that our sins are forgiven, and that God will never reject us as we trust Christ with out lives.

Bible passages! The Word of God is powerful. Have a couple of verses handy, or better yet, memorized, that you can share. Consider John 3:16; Romans 3:23, 6:23, 8:1, 10:9-11, as examples.

Share your story. Be real. Worship God as you tell it. And remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect. Remember the sweet testimony of the man born blind, whom Jesus healed. His testimony wasn’t fancy. He simply said, though he didn’t know much about exactly who this man Jesus that healed him was, still, “One thing I do know, that though I was blind, now I see” (John 9:25).


Kevin Rutledge

Kevin Rutledge

Pastor Kevin Rutledge is the Lead Teaching Pastor at First. He has a Bachelor’s in Biblical Studies, an MA in Theology, and over twenty years of ministry experience.